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         Share your SICK! Pictures, thoughts, criticisms, and praises! New designs added weekly, along with exciting up-to-date site announcements, and grotesque specials you shouldn’t miss!

 Discount items added weekly if   available. All items discounted are   pre-made, only in sizing stated. If   possible, items may be available for   re-sizing for a small fee For any   questions concerning discount items,   please contact us at:

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     We are truly nauseated to present you a variety of Post Apocalyptic, Horror, and positively Disgusting clothing designs! Professionally handcrafted, we aim to fuel your most vile craving for fashion!  Whether it be post apocalyptic, horror, cyber punk, industrial, Rivethead, or a custom clothing design, we promise to spew out the most filthy designs in the world. New designs added weekly!!!

     Shop online securely and safely with SceneSick. We accept international orders and yes, we can produce ANY item in your size! If unsure   about sizing, measurements, or any other worries regarding sizing, contact us at We are happy to answer any   questions you may have!

     Join our legion of decrepitude and look your most deadliest! We urge you to submit any image of your new clothing to showcase how wickedly   sexy our merchandise is. We also encourage our customers to spread the word of  SceneSick, and earn cash back on your next intoxicating  purchase.